Rudolph Ackermann established Ackermann’s in 1783 thus creating what is considered to be one of the oldest art dealers in London. In 1992 Oscar & Peter Johnson Ltd merged with the firm to become Arthur Ackermann and Peter Johnson Ltd.  In December 2008 the company’s name reverted back to Arthur Ackermann Ltd. 

Through the centuries the gallery has been located on Regent Street, Oxford Street, Bond Street and currently Belgravia, where we have been for 47 years.  The gallery was originally best known for the publication and selling of prints, particularly sporting subjects and also dealing in the original paintings.  Over the years, the nature of the business has changed and we no longer deal in prints, however we continue to stock 19th century sporting subjects and landscapes.  We have added 20th & 21st century paintings for the most part by British artist’s and it was, to this end that Ackermann Modern was founded in 2008.

In September 2011 the Belgravia gallery was closed and the company started the process of being put into hybernation. We hope to continue in two to three years time.